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mixed media

4" x 10" x 4 "



A highly crafted electronic motor spins incessantly but drives nothing. Upon further inspection the artist’s voice can be heard emerging from within the sculpture. He softly hums a monotonous tune that descends into a maddening chant. Both represent many human acts from the inconsequential to the profound that result in never ending unfulfillment. Or it simply appears as a very pointless piece of art. Either interpretation is fine with chi too.

- Eva McGovern



Exhibited at:

Looking Ahead: 15 Malaysia Artists, Fergana Art Space, Georgetown, MALAYSIA, 2015

Young Guns, Chan Hampe Gallery, SINGAPORE, 2014

Longing by chi too, Valentine WIllie Fine Art (off-site), MAP Black Box, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, 2011

3 Young Contemporaries, Valentine Willie Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, 2010


*'Playing Tag' With The People 


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