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2012 - ongoing



A durational participatory performance by the artist to commemorate the 71,021,650 people killed worldwide during the Second World War (1931-1945).


The statistics (as displayed during the performance) of those killed in the Second World War are as follows:


Atomic bomb deaths : 225,000
Japanese: 3,238,000
Areas invaded and occupied by Japanese Imperial Army: 23,877,000

Rest Of The World: 43,906,650
TOTAL : 71,021,650*


The artist will commemorate each dead person by physically cutting a blade of grass until every person is accounted for. Throughout this time, he invites everyone else to participate and contribute to the grass count. 



Performed at various locations in Tokyo, JAPAN

A part of project ピラ - boo (pika - ブ)

Exhibited at State Of Doubt, Art Lab Akiba, Tokyo, JAPAN, 2012

Photos and video documentation by Sakiko Yamaoka


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