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Life Is A Constant State of Emergency at Open Gate 2016, Aichi Triennalle, Okazaki, Japan


chi too (b.1981 Kuala Lumpur) has been variously described as ’a plump chinese boy with a page-boy haircut' and a ‘one-man harlem-shake’. He is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice demonstrates confident exploration of humour, satire, and visual poetics. It is at times difficult to say exactly what he does as an artist, largely because his artworks touch on a large spectrum of themes and issues. His practice vacillates between the high-minded and the frivolous, the social and the personal, the transparent and the esoteric.  


His experimental music, performances and playful self-organised public art projects such as Main Dengan Rakyat, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, and Lepark display an interest to engage with urban spaces and audiences that form part of his complex multifaceted approach to practice. chi too was also a member of the disbanded art collective The Best Art Show in the Univers. Since then, he has participated in various exhibitions and performance events in Malaysia and abroad. He even became a Nippon Foundation Asian Public Intellectuals (API) fellow in 2011. 


He has held nine solo exhibitions to date: Longing (2011) at Blackbox MAP; State of Doubt (2012) at Akiba Art Lab, Tokyo Japan; The Artist chi too Looks at Artworks As He Contemplates The State of the Nation’s Institutions a.k.a. How Can You Be Sure (2013) at Art Row, Publika; Like Someone In Love (2015) at Lostgens' Contemporary Art Space; Sometimes When We Touch (2018) at OUR ArtProjects; 95 at The Zhongshan Building, Kuala Lumpur; It Will Be Noisy, Messy, and Very Touchy Feely (2022) at The Back Room KL, and A Sea of Despair & Delight (2023) with The Back Room at the Godown Arts Center KL. His work was also included in the 2013 Singapore Biennale; The Breathing of Maps (2018) at The Yamaguchi Centre for Arts and Media; Stories We Tell To Scare Ourselves With (2019) at Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei; and The Body Politic and The Body (2019) at ILHAM Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.


+6012 655 3667

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